Innovative approach for reaching JUMP families

JUMP team at Mangere East Library

L to R: Leilani, Laurence, Sue and Farasat

On Monday 10 June, Sue Kini and I had the privilege of meeting the team at Mangere East Library, led by Leilani Glassie and Farasat Ullah. Mangere East Library is one of DIAA’s top performing JUMP partners, connecting more than 40 families in just over two months.

Leilani has a particularly innovative approach to reach families who can benefit from a JUMP connection.  She walks around the library waving a JUMP modem box (Town Crier Style) inviting families to come over to the reception desk to sign-up for JUMP.  “It always works”, said Leilani, “Even though we have JUMP posters displayed, people are much more responsive to my personal invitation.”

Leilani also mentioned that one of the reasons JUMP is proving to be so successful in Mangere is because there are so many homeless families in temporary accommodation.  “Without an internet connection, they have almost no chance of finding a suitable home,” she said.