Helping New Zealanders

Our programmes help people across New Zealand go online affordably, knowledgeably, with skills and confidence

Alliance for Digital Inclusion

The Alliance brings together and supports local communities, not-for-profits, businesses, researchers, government agencies and individuals working for Digital Inclusion in New Zealand.

Equitable opportunities in the digital world

Motivation to go online

Perceiving benefit and having specific reasons to use the internet - for example keeping in touch, family health information, studying online, internet banking.

Affordable Access

Access to an internet-enabled device, access to affordable quality internet, accessible content including those with disabilities and limited language skills.

Digital Skills for life

Having all seven digital capabilities: getting connected; managing information; communicating; transacting; creating; problem-solving; and staying safe.

Trust and Confidence

Having confidence and online literacy to tell between information that is right and information that is misleading, wrong or harmful; knowing how to protect personal and private information.