Transpower supports DORA refit

Photos of DORA

Digital On-Road Access (DORA) our mobile learning centre

Digital On-Road Access (DORA) is our fully self-contained learning centre, with seating for around 10 people. On board, electrical equipment is powered by a bank of solar panels, with a standby petrol-driven generator.

Multiple types of internet connection are available, including cable, 3G and 4G mobile and local WiFi as well as satellite. A large screen TV monitor provides a suitable display for tutors.

DORA was created as a mobile digital classroom in 2012 to provide digital literacy training opportunities for earthquake-affected families in Christchurch, and has proved very popular and effective in Canterbury and on the West Coast.

Transpower logoAfter five years ‘on the road’, DORA was needing some urgent refurbishment work and Transpower agreed to provide matching funding for the DORA component of a Stepping UP Lottery grant, approved in 2017. The refurbishment work is expected to be completed by early Term 3, 2018.

Thanks, Transpower!