DIAA partners with Kiwibank to promote online banking

DIAA has partnered with Kiwibank to develop a new SteppingUP module, called Digital Banking.  As physical banking services, such as bank branches and cheque services, are closed or withdrawn, people have no choice but to go online for their banking.

On 17 May 2019 Kiwibank announced that they would no longer be issuing cheques and from 28 February 2020, they would no longer be accepting cheques.

We acknowledge it is very upsetting for people when their local bank branch closes, but as fewer and fewer people use these facilities, it is understandable that the banks have to make hard decisions and close branch offices.  We have seen the same happening with post offices and overseas banks.  Kiwibank’s announcement about withdrawing cheque services is just another inevitable step into the digital age.

The good news is that it it is easier and less expensive to bank online.  But some people, especially older people, are wary of using an internet connection to manage their funds.  Kiwibank has launched a number of education initiatives to help people understand the benefits of using online banking and avoiding scams.  One of these is DIAA’s SteppingUP programme.  The new Digital Banking module covers:

  • getting to know online banking
  • how to recognise the signs of an online scam and what to do
  • how to protect yourself online
  • navigating through an online banking platform
  • registering for online banking with your bank

The modules are already being piloted with a number of SteppingUP library partners and will be progressively expanded to all partners.  Anyone can register to attend these free classes.  You can find out when classes are being offered near you here.