Digital Inclusion Links

Here are links to some of the leading national and international websites on Digital Inclusion:

Digital Inclusion Map (20/20 Trust, has links to hundreds of libraries, training centres, organisations, resources and projects for digital inclusion and literacy in New Zealand.

Digital Divide HEAT Map (InternetNZ and 20/20 Trust, gives an interactive view of enablers and barriers to digital inclusion in New Zealand.

Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA, is a shared initiative with over 100 business, government, academic and community organisations working together to accelerate action on digital inclusion.

Good Things Foundation (UK, is a social change agency in the UK: digital inclusion is key to Good Things Foundation’s work helping socially disadvantaged people transform their lives. Good Things Foundation lead the Online Centres Network – a network of over 5,000 local community partners who provide specialist training and support to help people improve their lives through digital.

National Digital Inclusion Alliance (America, – thought leader, influencer, awareness, peak body, and research leader on digital inclusion.